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Physical Gold and Silver Supplies Are Tighter Than Reported ~ Patrick A. Heller
January 28, 2011
Issue 92
Issue 93

Physical Gold and Silver Supplies Are Tighter Than Reported
By Patrick A. Heller

There are two main markets for trading gold and silver: the London Bullion Market Exchange and the COMEX in New York. London by far has the higher volume. There are other exchanges elsewhere in the US and around the globe, but large traders tend to buy and sell in these two markets.

The London market is supposed to be for purchasing contracts for delivery of the physical metal at the maturity of the contract. In theory, there is supposed to be enough physical gold and silver in the London vaults to fulfill 100% of the outstanding contracts. This has not been true for some time. At the Commodity Futures Trading Commission March 25, 2010 hearings on gold and silver regulations, both Jeffrey Christian and Adrian Douglas testified that the London vaults only have enough gold and silver to cover 1-3% of open contracts.

The COMEX, in contrast, is more meant for the trading of paper contracts by investors who do not want to take physical delivery (although they can). The COMEX warehouses only have a fraction of the physical gold and silver that would needed if all long positions demanded delivery of physical metal at contract maturity. Realizing this potential problem, the COMEX allows contracts to be settled for cash rather than the commodity. Gold and silver contracts can also now be settled, at the option of the seller of the contract, with shares of exchange traded funds for the same metal.

In normal commodity markets, the price of future contracts trade at higher prices than those maturing this month. The price difference normally reflects the prevailing interest rate minus a bit for the cost of storage. This typical market order is called contango…

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