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Gold Is Our Defense Against The Fiat Currency Graveyard ~ James Turk
Issue 92
Today's Gold/Silver Ratio: 40/1 Dn

Issue 116

Gold: $1595.50/ Silver: $39.34

SGS Notes: Well, we've seen gold (and silver) dramatically rising in the wake of discussion on more Qualitative Easing and the European Crisis and the US Budget crisis... Silver rising faster than gold (on a % growth basis) in keeping with its historical performance. The Dodd-Frank Legislation also has been a big item in the news this week... Check out the ratio this week... down to 40:1


Gold Is Our Defense Against The Fiat Currency Graveyard

James Turk


“The rule of law has basically been thrown out the window. Money printing is the order of the day. And when politicians take control of central banks, which they have done in the United States and they are also doing in Europe, that basically destroys the currency. It puts the currency on the road to what I call the Fiat Currency Graveyard, so I expect there are going to be massive currency problems as we go forward. The financial crisis that we have been dealing with for the last several years has not been solved.”

So cautions James Turk, widely-respected precious metals expert and founder/chairman of GoldMoney. In this detailed interview (recorded in June), Chris and James explore the probable outcome of the current US debt-ceiling operatics, the likelihood of future Fed money printing, and strategies for preserving wealth. In short, James believes we are witnessing the decline of the world's major fiat currencies, and expects gold to be remonetized in the aftermath.

James explains why he expects:

The US Government to raise the debt ceiling in August, which will require the Federal Reserve to print more money in order to soak up the new debt, sending gold and silver prices much higher this summer.

Holders of fiat currencies to experience increasing losses in the purchasing power of their wealth; contrary to those who hold precious metals, who will see the reverse.
This pattern of currency devaluation to be similar to the many other examples seen throughout monetary history. In short, the “unthinkable” event of a dollar collapse is a much more probable event than most consider.

Precious metals to be an excellent vehicle for preserving purchasing power through this next transition, and whatever future currency emerges, their historic role as money to be restored.

The end of the bull market in precious metals is years away. We’ll know its ending when holders of PMs begin trading them for other assets (e.g. property, securities) that have become overly undervalued.

Click Here to listen to Audio Interview with Chris Martenson & James Turk

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