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Note from Mary Beth at Tea Party Silver: We have enjoyed getting your feedback much so, that I decided to include a page to share them on our site. I trust you all enjoy the comments!

"The medalions are beautiful! I'm looking foreward to recieving them." -Pat

"That is very refreshing to hear now a days, good to get value for value. Tell me when do you start work on the Taggart Transcontinental's Galt Line? :) Thank you again." -Austin

"Funny story about today. I was off from work today and very much looked forward to get a bunch of things done that badly needed doing. I drove to the market and did some things and when I turned the key to start the motor... dead as a doornail. I am one of thoes nutty "must be ready for anything" people so I went to the back of the car to get my battery charger. I read my book while the battery charged for about 20 minutes, and then went for the glorious turn of the wrist to start the car and....nothing. The battery was indeed dead. So I called Triple A and they said they'd be out in an hour, lol so more book reading for me... but then a freak storm came and guess whose windows don't close without power...this guy's. So there I am reading in the rain thinking " well I'll take out my rain poncho ( yes I carry that too) and cover my windows with it". It worked pretty well too until the hail started to come down... I could help but laugh. Long story short after 2 hours Triple A was done I took my car to Dobbs and spent the rest of my money on a new battery all to return home by 6pm...the day was wasted.

Up until now I was tired and a little grumpy, that was until I went out to the mailbox and found that your silver had arrived and in perfect condition. I know this sound silly to say but that made my day better. The silver looks great and I am very impressed with quality, you and your comany's work is wonderful. It has been the biggest pleasure of mine in doing business with Mary Beth and Tea Party Silver, and I will boast of your product and service. Many Thanks." -Austin

"Thanks for your help - the medallions are so great, we really like them." -Gayle

"Tea Party coin you designed? Awesome!! Lakota impressive...Beautiful!! Thanks for your help and prompt service!!!!!" -Lynn

"BTW I just got my coins today and they are bad ass!" -Jack

"Thank you for delivering my order. I am also referring you to others I know that are interested in purchasing silver." -John

"Thank you for the service and info you gave" -Terry

"Thank you so much. The rounds I received this week are absolutely beautiful. I'm hoping to order a few every month." -Jake

"Excellent. Thank you for such a quick response." -Joe

"I received my silver today. They look great!" -Tom

"Here is to what you do." -John

"I got my order a few days ago and I love the tea party silver coins. Thanks again!" -Seth

"My order arrived today in great shape and record speed as always!"

"The Morgan Round and the Stagecoach Silver are absolutely gorgeous. They have a treasured spot in my safe next to my Tea Party Rounds and Silver Eagles...You guys are awesome, keep up the great work." -Jake

"Have a kind of funny story to relate. I have a beloved parakeet named Herbie who just loves toys, especially shiny toys and is a real character. Well there are just so many on the market and he already has most of them in his rotation.

"I took a Morgan Round out of the case and drilled a small hole through the plastic. Round back in and a little fishing line tied to it made the latest Herbie toy. No he's not spoiled at all! Bonus is I get to look at how beautiful it is every day while he goes crazy playing with it." -Jake

(Note from Mary Beth: Perhaps we should start a new marketing campaign for parakeet toys! Only $20 each! )
To see picture of 'Herbie' and his 'parakeet toy'
Click Here!

"Just wanted to let you know that I have received the package. Actually, it arrived Wednesday. They are beautiful, I especially like the Stagecoach. Thanks very much!" -Kathy

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service you provided with my recent order of eight silver eagles. The extra effort you made to contact me at my sisters house was phenomenal. I'm so happy to see that in this day and age of our country crumbling, there are still customer based business providing quality products." -Wayne